A Comprehensive Guide to a Quick Recovery After Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a relatively straightforward and fast operation, but it's essential to adhere to your doctor's postoperative care instructions for a successful recovery. After cataract surgery, you should avoid strenuous activities such as biking, jogging, lifting weights, or doing aerobic exercise for at least two weeks. Swimming, bathing in hot tubs, working in the garden, and dusting should also be avoided for one to two weeks. Additionally, you should wear sunglasses on sunny days for at least one year after surgery.

It's okay to watch TV in moderation, shower or bath, and work on the computer after resting at least a few hours at home. Swimming pools and hot tubs should be avoided for at least a week. Activities that could cause dirt or dust to get into your eyes, such as working in the garden or brushing off dust, should also be avoided for the next few weeks. Finally, we recommend that patients refrain from cooking for at least one week after cataract surgery.

You will be provided with a protective eye shield that you must wear during sleep (including naps) for at least the first week after cataract surgery. Compared to other notable eye surgeries, recovery time from cataract surgery is relatively quick. Until you can meet with your doctor, read what the professionals at Broberg Eye Care say about eye care after cataract surgery.

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